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at that point, economics was becoming important. up until that point, i assumed that lor--john maynard keynes had said everything there was to say about economics. but once we got stagnation and inflation at the same time, it was quite clear that someone had to revise economics. and although i knew i couldn't do it myself, i--at least i wanted to understand what was going on. so i took the year off, and i came to washington at the american enterprise institute, and mr. ford had just lost the election, so that laurence silberman and bob bork and nino scalia all came out of government. and before going on to their other careers as judges or as professors, they spent something like six months at the american enterprise institute. and we had no cafeteria then, we had no lunchroom, so we--the four of us brown-bagged it every day and just talked. then jude wanniski came down on a fellowship--he was writing his book then--and he started talking to us about supply-side economics, which was very interesting and about which we knew nothing, and those were a very stimulating peri--that was a very stimul
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1